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the Chakra Healing Journey
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Jan 8, 2024 - Apr 3, 2024

The Chakra Healing Journey


A transformative and holistic 12 WEEK healing journey. LIVE online! The most important relationship you have in your life the is the relationship you have with YOURSELF. Every other relationship ripples out from that one. In this comprehensive program you will be guided through each Chakra learning about the energy centers in your body, how they effect you mind-body-spirit, your nervous system, and their interconnectedness. You will receive an energetic attunement to help you work with your energy centers yourself. You will experience the transformative power and wisdom of Shamanic healing and Journeying, mindfulness, and energy healing - Evolving yourself and your life. Holistic means we honor and work with our entire being: mind, body, emotion, spirit. Our Physical body: Our physical temple housing physical processes Our Emotional body: Houses our emotions and emotional processes Our Mental body: Houses our thoughts, and mind processes Our Spiritual body: Houses our beliefs, knowing, and perceptual processes Each of these are inextricably interconnected. We will honor, explore, connect, and discover a deep understanding of each of these bodies as we move through the powerful energy centers (the 7 Chakra system). Our 12 WEEKs together will create lasting and profound change. We will create a unique healing container as a Sacred Circle over our 3 months together. Every week we have LIVE class (recordings available), teachings, healing, practice and Q&A Lisa is a Medicine Carrier from both Algonquin and Andean lineages of Shamanism. She brings together a unique blend of Shamanism, Energy Healing (Reiki Master), Yoga & Meditation (certified instructor), Mindfulness (MBSR), Nature, and the nervous system to create a truly holistic healing and evolutionary process.

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