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Shamanism: Spiritual Healing and Quantum Mechanics

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Shamanism is a spiritual science applied for the purposes of healing. It’s holistic applied physics, not religion. So, let’s break down that first sentence, as it can be misunderstood in many ways. The words “spiritual”, “shamanism”, and “healing”, are weighty words that carry a lot of baggage.

The word “shaman” originally came from Mongolia, it referred to the indigenous healers there, who had very specific spiritual methods of guiding and healing people. The word “Shamanism” has since changed in the way we use it. “Shamanism” is now a term we use to describe a category of healing methods, and understanding. Every Nation in the world has its own history of First Peoples who were more closely connected with the natural world than most people are today. Their consciousness was (and in many cases, still is today) based on the natural world, not a technological based consciousness. They operated from a different point of view. Their beliefs about life and priorities were very different, learning from Nature to understand the Universe and the world we live in were the way of life. Shamanism being a category of healing and way of life, is comprised of many varying practices, lineages, and methods. Not all shamanic healing is created equal, the same way not all doctors are created equal. They vary greatly.

Let’s strip some of the heavy baggage from the words “healing”, “spiritual”, and “Shamanism” for the ease of communication. We’ll start by clarifying these words and how I use them:


Healing is a positive change in a negative pattern. (the pattern can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual) ie: physical pain is a negative pattern, anxiety is a negative pattern, depression is a negative pattern, expecting bad things to happen is a negative pattern, etc. A pattern can repeat often, occasionally, or rarely. This determines the “frequency” of the pattern, some patterns are high frequency, some are low frequency. How often does it repeat and for how long? This is known as the “rate” of the frequency.

low - mid - high (Frequencies)

For example, let’s say “Tim” breaks his leg. Tim goes to the hospital because Western Medicine is the right place to heal this type of injury/wound. They specialize in it. The physical pain of a broken leg has a very high frequency (it’s nearly constant pain when it happens). As it heals, the pattern changes. The pain becomes less constant, eventually Tim can put weight back on his leg, then finally function returns, the pain is minimal and Tim is walking around on both legs again (assuming it healed properly). We can see as it healed, the frequency changed, the pattern changed.

It works the same way with healing of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds: Negative patterns change to positive outcomes.

There is another pattern to examine regarding the broken leg. Does Tim have accidents often? What is the frequency of this happening in Tim’s life? And why does this matter?

We’ve healed the leg, but what is happening in Tim’s life that he would facilitate such an injury? What is the ROOT cause of his injury? Modern science doesn’t look at this pattern, but Shamanism does. When we look at the natural world, and understand it is full of consciousness, it gives us deeper meaning, and that brings us to spirituality.


Anything relating to the human spirit; that which makes us who we are. The beliefs we have that make up our reality and how we interact with our reality. Our beliefs are how we experience the world, and how we interact with it. They vary widely and greatly. Many people today are not consciously aware of their beliefs regarding reality. Aware of them or not, our beliefs drive how we interact with the world around us and shape our experiences in life. By this definition, we are all spiritual. Religion and spirituality are often misunderstood as interchangeable, they are not. Religion is spiritual in nature, because it is about specific sets of beliefs. However, “spirituality” is not clearly defined beliefs, with rules and outlined practices, it is merely the understanding that beliefs do in fact profoundly shape a person’s reality.

Entire wars have been fought over specific beliefs; they are not to be taken lightly.

Let’s remember Tim’s broken leg. While the bone was healing, it becomes evident that Tim isn’t doing well mentally and emotionally. He’s lost his lust for life, has no interest in connecting with people, or interacting with life in general. One might say: “This situation has broken his spirit”, or “he could use something to lift his spirit,” and most people would grasp the meaning. This has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with Tim’s beliefs about life at this current point in time. But why would a broken leg, affect his life so profoundly? There is more than just a physical wound of a broken bone. That brings us to what are called “the Four Bodies” from the lineage of Shamanism in which I practice.

The Four Bodies:

balance physical mental emotional spiritual health

The Four Bodies we’re talking about here are Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. They are interconnected, but each have their own language in how they communicate with us. We know the language of the Physical Body: physical sensations, pain, pleasure, tactile, touch…These are all the “language” of the Physical Body, how it communicates to us.

The language of the Mental Body is our thoughts. What we are thinking, and how we are thinking at any given moment is the language of our mental body.